Pierce the Veil return to Lubbock to perform at the Lonestar Amphitheater, September 23, 2022.

LUBBOCK, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “We got lucky when we all met each other”, a humble answer from Pierce the Veil frontman Vic Fuentes just hours before going on stage in Lubbock Texas as they tour with I Prevail. 

I caught up with Fuentes and bass player Jaime Preciado about two weeks into their first tour in about five years. I wanted to take it back to the moments right before they stepped on stage for their first show back, Fuentes saying that while walking up to soundcheck in New Jersey kids were in the parking lot, standing on top of cars and were pumped up, “that’s like the one things that you can’t prepare yourself for”. 

I also asked about how the crowds have been, saying that we didn’t appreciate live shows fully until we didn’t have any to go to, and how artist after artist has told me that the crowds are more energized, and crazier than ever. Preciado agreed the crowds have been more energized and that they loved it but wasn’t sure what live music would look like in a post-Covid 19 world saying “I honestly didn’t think that live music was going to be the same again. I thought it was going to be a new world of either watching from home or going to like drive-in shows and stuff because it was like we are in the business of crowds” and Fuentes echoing that saying “appreciation is the number one word. I think that we felt a lot you know even being able to travel together, be practicing together, like it all…a new appreciation for literally every aspect”. 

We did talk about the weird phenomenon of their song “King for A Day” coming back on the charts after being released in 2012. Both saying that thanks to TikTok the song gained more attention and that they couldn’t have planned it better for their song to gain attention just ahead of going out on tour. I asked if it settled some doubts that the fans were still excited to see them touring, both agreeing that it settled some doubts that people would come to shows after several years without new music followed by the pandemic. 

We transitioned over the new single and the album, I asked when during the process did they find that this album was going in a different direction than anything else they had put out. Fuentes saying they started on it right after their last tour, but the pandemic halted work on it. When they did resume the record writing process he noticed a trend that all the songs were taking. You can hear the difference in their single “Pass the Nirvana” which is a heavier sound overall compared to their other albums. Not only a different sound, but a different recording process and a new producer. They talked about recording with Paul Meany in a house in New Orleans, having all of their equipment set up in one spot, Preciado saying “being able to wake up and just come downstairs into like a studio space, which was still a nice house. You know, that was super cool”. 

I asked about their VIP sessions and being able to speak with the fans, and if any story or moment stuck with them. Being a music lover myself it was the only thing keeping me sane during the pandemic and beyond. A time when music became a second or third language to some as we maybe couldn’t express what we were feeling in words, but a lyric from our favorite band maybe said it all. They brought up a moment in San Antonio when they saw a sign in the crowd that said something along the lines of “you saved my life, it’s been 10 years since I wanted to see you” saying it was crazy to think about the fans and how long they’ve been waiting to see them perform. 

My next to last question was about their longevity, in a time where the pandemic caused things to stop for a few months, a few years, or forever, what is it that keeps a group going for 15 years? Preciado joked it was Fuentes’ “devilishly good looks” saying “well I wake up every morning and I see this face”. After a laugh Fuentes says it’s their chemistry “we got lucky when we all met each other” saying they continue to get closer to one another over the years, and that they’ve learned the importance of communicating with each other, keeping that at the top of their priority list. 

We ended things talking about their bucket list concert lineup, and I even tried to find out when a new single or the album was being released, Fuentes saying even his wife hasn’t been told the date. So for now, fans will have to see them on tour, appreciate that live music is back, appreciate the big lights, sounds, screams, and growls from the band, and know that eventually, we’ll get the rest of the album, and appreciate their single “Pass the Nirvana” until that happens. 

For more information about this band or their touring schedule, click here. http://piercetheveil.net/