Fire Prevention Month: How to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

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Tips to keep your home safe and have a plan in place

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —What You Need to Know to Keep Your Home and Loved Ones Safe

Home Improvement Expert Shares Key Checklist of Things Too Many of Us Take for Granted

It’s 3am. Suddenly, a screeching, ear-piercing alarm jolts everyone out of bed.  No one’s breaking in. You don’t smell smoke.  What is it? One of your greatest protections against fire just stopped working.

On average, fire departments respond to a house fire every 24 seconds. For anyone that says “everybody knows about fire safety,” here’s a potentially life-saving quiz:

  • Did you know that it’s not just the batteries, but smoke detectors themselves expire?
  • Did you know that fire extinguishers aren’t one-size fits all?  There is a way to tell what each can extinguish (flammable liquids, fabrics, wood, even live electricity)
  • Have you and your family actually practiced a fire drill in the last 12 months?

October is National Fire Prevention Month, which makes now the perfect time to discuss protecting your home and family against these dangerous hazards. This segment will walk you through what you need to have in your home, when to replace fire safety equipment, what your plan needs to include and other tips to keep your family safe!

Dave White, home improvement expert from The Home Depot is available for an interview to discuss:

  • Everyday items that could pose a fire hazard in your home
  • Three fire safety must-dos to help protect your family
  • What to do once a month, once a year, and once every 10 years
  • The latest fire safety equipment that should be in every home
  • Proper use of fire extinguishers demonstrating the P.A.S.S. technique

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