Face Masks: their effectiveness and how to make sure you’re safe

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Face masks or face coverings are the new normal, but a lot of people still have questions about what mask is best and how to make one at home.

Dr. Mary Clifton is an internal medicine doctor from New York City and a member of the Boomer Naturals Advisory Board.
Dr. Clifton says it’s still very important for people to wear a face mask or covering because the virus is going to go into the body through the nose and mouth.
She says that one good sneeze could infect a room full of people in just under 12 minutes.

The CDC and Dr. Clifton say the best masks should have three layers of protection and prefereably one that uses nano silver technology to stop particles from getting through to the nose and mouth.
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Dr. Clifton says if you have another face mask you should wash it often, if you don’t have access to a washing machine she says you can hand wash them with soap and water.

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