This segment is sponsored by Labcorp.

AMARILLO, Texas(KAMR/KCIT) —Back to school. Holiday gatherings. Cooler temperatures! The fall brings a wealth of fun activities but also greater exposure to contagious diseases.    

Colds, viruses and the flu are inevitable parts of fall and winter. But the sniffles don’t always mean COVID-19, and it can be difficult to identify different respiratory illnesses due to overlapping symptoms. Fortunately, there is a test for the typical sniffle-causing ailments you may encounter during the colder parts of the year. Plus, with the potential for new COVID-19 variants to arise, it’s more important than ever to be prepared.     

Labcorp offers the only FDA-authorized, at-home test collection kit that detects all three viruses in a single swab. It is the gold standard PCR test for ages 2 and older. Testing remains a critical step in curbing community spread and knowing how to best take care of yourself and your loved ones.     

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