Caffeine Consumption While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) –Whether it’s to get you up and alert in the morning, or celebrating the Pumpkin Spice season, a lot of people drink coffee daily.

Dr. Teresa Baker and Dr. Christine Garner from the InfantRisk Center at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center explain the common concerns they hear as well as how much caffeine is safe and the different types of supplements and caffeine to be aware of.

For more information visit the InfantRisk Center’s website or call (806) 352-2519

Herbal SupplementReason for addingSide effectsLactation risk category
Taurineenhance endurance performancesafety data not established, not recommended
Guarananatural stimulant use in weight losslonger stimulatory effectsafety data not established, not recommended
Ginseng and Ginkgoenhance cognitive performancedrug interactions (antidepressants, warfarin, insulin); nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, palpitations, restlessness, headaches, sleep disturbancesmoderately safe
Yerba Matestimulant, weight losssafety data not established, not recommended

Both doctors also talk about the different types of caffeine, the serving size and amount of caffeine normally included.

Caffeinated productServing sizeAmount of caffeine (mg)
5 Hour Energy2oz138
Amino Energy Pre-Workout2 scoops100
Bang Energy16oz300
Monster Energy16oz140-240
Red Bull8.5oz115
Black tea8oz50-110
Coffee, regular8oz75-150
Espresso shot1.5oz70-80
Green tea8oz20-60
Mountain Dew12oz50-80
Dark Chocolate1oz12
Midol Complete2 tablets120
Excedrin Migraine2 tablets130

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