AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —They’re a Texas-native band that has been rocking out since around 1994, and they don’t show any sign of stopping.

They’re making a tour stop in Amarillo on May 4th at Starlight Ranch Event Center. You can purchase tickets for that here.

Bowling for Soup has created plenty of hits like “1985”, “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” and many others. Lead vocals/guitar Jaret Reddick says that they once hit a lull around the 20 year mark and took some time to focus on other things, but months later, came back together to continue what they started.

Reddick says that the key to staying together so long is that there are checks and balances among the members, everyone knows their place, everyone contributes, and no one is above an ego check if needed and they’re still all friends.

I asked Reddick about how the crowds have been recently amid stories that “Emo” music or the “Emo” phase has returned for many people. We see it as bands of the Emo, Pop-Punk, Alternative genres have either come back together or picked up touring schedules. Bands like Blink 182, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance and similar artists have gone back on the road, and we see extremely successful festivals like “When We Were Young” which Bowling for Soup will be playing at in October.

Reddick says they consider themselves the pioneers “because we sort of stormed the beaches, I guess, for a lack of a better term” saying that while they don’t consider themselves “Emo” music, they laugh that all of the genres have kind of been lumped together. He says that there is definitely a resurgence of “Emo” music and concerts, and he can tell from the crowds. He also says that he’s asked about other artists in the genre, those like Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun and say that if someone is listening to that music and happens upon Bowling for Soup, that’s fine, it’s all good things for the genre.

Bowling for Soup has a new album out that’s full of covers including Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” and Patent Pending’s “Hey Mario” as well as Hanson and Kanye.

For more information on Bowling for Soup, including other tour dates and about their new album, click here.