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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — September is Better Breakfast Month! Breakfast is the most powerful meal of the day as those who eat it regularly have health benefits over those who skip it. Kids who have a healthy meal before school starts, consistently perform and behave better at school. Those who eat breakfast on a regular basis are much more likely to maintain healthy body weight than breakfast-skippers.

Breakfast that is higher in protein (30 g) improve satiety, reduce total caloric intake throughout the day and improve body composition. Countless research studies have shown a variety of health benefits of eating breakfast from cognitive function, bodyweight reduction, blood glucose control and improve cardiovascular health.

It is better to chew your breakfast than to drink it. Research has determined that drinking 30 grams of protein is significantly less satisfying than chewing 30 grams of protein from whole food. Don’t fret if you don’t have traditional breakfast food, eat leftover supper for breakfast. Most importantly, DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST!

Key components of breakfast to meet your nutrient needs right out of the gate! A complete breakfast should contain a balance of all the major food groups. Protein, dairy, fat, and carbohydrates.

Protein – aim for 25 – 30 g

  • Boiled eggs (6 g protein)
  • Egg whites (6 g / ¼ cup)
  • Cheese sticks/ rectangles (7 g protein)
  • Milk (8 g protein / 8 oz)
  • Greek yogurt (11 g / ½ cup)
  • Cottage Cheese (13 g / ½ cup)
  • Frozen breakfast options (varies)
  • Protein mix or premixed drink
  • Precooked frozen Applegate sausages

Fruit – get a boost of vitamin C to start your day

Veggies – Salad for breakfast anyone? Why not?? Keep fresh veggies in the fridge to easily add to breakfast or any other meal.

Starch – Whole grain breads/ waffles; whole-grain low sugar cereal, granola, potatoes, beans, peas or lentils

Cottage Cheese Fruit and Granola Parfait


  • Fresh or frozen berries (or fruit of choice)
  • ½ cup Cottage Cheese
  • ½ cup granola
  • Nuts or chia seed as desired
  • Small mason jar


1. Layer fruit and cottage cheese in the mason jar

2. Top with granola and nuts

a. May keep these separate until the time of consumption to keep crisp

3. Place lid on top and set in the refrigerator overnight

You can make a batch for the week! Cottage Cheese is a great protein source and has no added sugar and pairs great with fruit. You can switch up the fruit of choice by season. Frozen fruit is a great option when you don’t have fresh. Simply place them in the jars frozen and they will be perfect by morning.

If you are interested in weight loss seek a registered dietitian to help you determine your caloric needs and provide meal planning options that help you be prepared to have the foods you need when you need them. Dr. Jenn RDN provides nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy for a variety of clients from athletes to those seeking weight loss and diabetes control. Dr. Jenn RDN works to empower her clients to know their foods and be confident in their everyday food choices. Food should not be feared, but it should be enjoyed as all food can fit into a healthy diet.

Dr. Jenn, RDN

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