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Augmented Reality Wines

The next time you are in the wine aisle, you might just encounter The Walking Dead’s Sheriff Rick Grimes fighting a zombie, an 18th-century convict telling their tail of banishment to Australia, or even get photography tips from a venerable winemaker. Do not be alarmed! You are in the right place. These new friends are hopping off the labels and into Augmented Reality with the help of the new Living Wines labels app. Simply download the app to a smartphone opens up the world of Living Wine Labels – with characters on the bottles animating to share their stories.  This fun feature takes wine enjoyment to a new level, with the bottles themselves providing entertainment and giving a voice to your favorite vino!

Building on the popularity of the 19 Crimes wine app, which first brought Augmented Reality to wine labels, the Living Wine Labels App now works with wines from Chateau St. Jean, Beringer Brothers and Gentleman’s Collection, in addition to the wildly popular new The Walking Dead Wines. With visually striking AR functionality, these living labels engage consumers and enhance the wine buying experience, while also serving as the perfect party trick for wine-loving friends.

Now more than ever, wineries are trying to interest consumers with wines that stand out on crowded retail shelves, while helping consumers learn more about the products they purchase. The Walking Dead Wines may have found that sweet spot. Not only does The Walking Dead’s hero, Rick Grimes, speak from the Blood Red Blend label, while a zombie thrashes from the Cabernet Sauvignon, set the bottles side by side, and characters will interact, with Grimes stepping off-label to battle the zombie right on the shelf or dinner table! The Living Wine Labels app has become the ultimate wine conversation starter, with over a million downloads to date  The Living Wine Labels heralds a major new trend in how consumers interact with brands in their shopping experience for wine, and just about everything else we buy.

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