AMARILLO, Texas(KAMR/KCIT) —September 22nd is going to be a busy day for some as the iPhone 15 is available in stores. It’s the latest in Apple’s lineup of new items. Experts say this model is lighter, has an upgraded camera for better photos and videos, and has the new USB-C port instead of needing a lightning cable.

AT&T is offering the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro for free for new and existing customers with an eligible trade-in.

If you decide the 15 isn’t right for you, there are still some great things your iPhone can do right now. Cory Cullers from AT&T says a practical app to use is an app called “Measure” that can be used to measure a space or as a level to hang items on a surface.

Another feature of your iPhone is in the Photos app, where you can click “search” and type in a word, for example, dog, and it’ll search all the photos in your app for a dog.

Your iPhone can also function as a medical ID bracelet. Go into the “Health” app and click on the summary tab, then your profile picture, and you can add medical information that can be accessed by friends, family, and first responders in an emergency situation.

Back to your Photos app, where you can hide certain photos or screenshots by clicking on the photo, then share, then choose to hide it. The photo(s) will go into a private folder that can only be accessed with Face ID or Passcode.

The iPhone also has a self-destruct function you can access by going to Settings<Face ID & Passcode< Erase Data. This will wipe your phone if your passcode is put in incorrectly 10 or more times. This is a good feature if your phone is stolen or lost, but be careful because children trying to get into your phone could trigger this function by accident.