AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Kids are back in school, that means new friends, new connections, and more time on the internet. Liz Archuleta from AT&T says to make sure you have parental controls on your TV and video streaming services, but also take a look at their devices and check things like privacy settings and opt out of location sharing.

There is a parent guide on Googly Play as well as the Screen Time settings on Apple devices.

Liz also talks about cyberbullying, and why it’s important for parents to play, watch and learn together so you know who is in their friend group, and if they’re being bullied online.

Plus talk with your kids about being good digital citizens and remembering what they can and cannot post using the “parent or teacher” test. Asking if they post or send something would they be ok with a parent or their favorite teacher seeing it.