AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)—It’s a scary experience when we lose our phone, because a lot of spend a lot of time on them, and they contain special and private things like photos, passwords, and financial information.

Cory Cullers, AT&T Director of Sales explains some steps to take if you lose your phone. First, he says to take a deep breath, then use the “find my phone” app that most devices will have automatically installed or are available through an app store. It’s important that these have been connected ahead of time, so that you can get on a computer or another phone, log in, and find your phone.

There are some cases where phones don’t have these types of apps, or you phone is off. Cullers says that sometimes you can lock your phone or put it in “lost” mode which can send alerts when it’s been turned back on or if it’s found. Cullers also says to file a police report saying it’s a long shot, but could help locate your phone in the future.

Cullers says next it’s important to contact your carrier and alert them to what’s happening, in some cases, like with AT&T, they can lock your phone or erase the content so no one has access.

If your device is truly gone, then it’s time to go online and start changing passwords to your apps and websites that you constantly use. Then file an insurance claim, pay the deductible and get a new device. Cullers suggests that people always make sure their phone content is backed up, so that if your phone is lost or stolen, you’ll at least have access to the important things that were on there.