AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —9-1-1 calls come in to dispatchers each and every day, and before now the calls would be assigned to a call center based on cell towers. That means first responders could get a location that’s not exactly near where the emergency is happening.

Cory Cullers with AT&T says that they’ve developed technology that works with the GPS on your phone to give dispatchers a more accurate location, as close at 55 yards from the actual emergency.

While call centers are going through technology upgrades, the technology from AT&T works whether your local call center is on the old or new technology.

You have to be an AT&T customer for this service to work, but after that’s it’s an automatic service. Cullers says privacy is a top concern for many, but assures that the location tracking only turns on when you make an emergency call.