Anxiety in Teens and How it Shows

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) –8 Ways A Child’s Anxiety Shows Up As Something Else

· The world is a busy place for all of us… this includes our kids. Today, kids exhibit stress and being overwhelmed more than in years past. From being overextended with activities, stress of not getting in to the right college and exhibiting peak performance on all activities is just some of the reasons why.

· This is the season where we see lots of kids become overwhelmed; final exams, play-offs for sports, college entrances, etc.

· Below are 8 ways a child’s anxiety can show up as something else.

o Anger: the perception of stress/ danger/opposition is enough to trigger a fight or flight response which can leave kids angry without a way to communicate why.

o Difficulty sleeping: difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep are hallmark characteristics of anxiety.

o Defiance: unable to communicate what is really going on is core to this behavior. Easy to interpret defiance as a lack of discipline when really it may be an attempt to control situations when feeling anxious and hopeless.

o Chandeliering: this is when a seemingly calm person suddenly flies off the handle. Usually hurt and anxiety have been pushed deep for a long time. An innocent comment/ event can set kids off when this is occurring.

o Lack of focus: often caught up in their own thoughts they paying attention to what is going on around them is difficult.

o Avoidance: when kids avoid a particular person, place or task they often end up experiencing more of whatever it is they are actually avoiding.

o Overplanning: overplanning and defiance go hand in hand. Where anxiety can cause some kids to try and take back control others can over plan for situations. This can lead to building assumptions and plans become too complex/ unrealistic to come to fruition.

o Negativity: kids with anxiety tend to experience negative thoughts and talk at much greater intensity than those without anxiety.

If you see these behaviors in your kids talk to them, asking them if they feel overwhelmed. If they admit to feeling of anxiety help them process through what

is causing it.. it may be time to help them cut down their calendar of events to effectlivey handle things.

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