AMARILLO, Texas — Many of us are glued to the A&E/Netflix series, “Tiny House Nation,” in which host Zack Giffin travels the country introducing us to the coolest new homes. What you might not consider is how tiny homes can help solve a persistent and growing problem: the affordable housing crisis. Particularly vulnerable are victims of natural disasters and military families who face homelessness and housing instability at alarming rates. 1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness!

Zack Giffin is dedicated to addressing this crisis and is actively involved in seeking out solutions and battling roadblocks (tiny homes face legal roadblocks in many cities). He has long partnered with non-profit Operation Tiny Home (building homes & providing workshops for veterans) founder Gabrielle Rapport and, together with family-owned Sutter Home, they’ve launched the PROJECT TINY HOME assistance program dedicated to building tiny homes to those in need.