Kids who grow up in poverty do not have enough age-appropriate books at home. Studies have shown that fact over and over. Some kids do not have a single book to call their own.

Today, though, kids at Lee Elementary got to start or grow their at-home libraries thanks to Storybridge.

Storybridge is a collection and donation organization that gathers gently-used books and gives them to kids in need.

At events like this one, students get to choose 10 books to take home. 

Educators emphasize the importance of having a variety of books at home.

“Having the books at home is extremely critical because that is where they get their independent practice and having them read it to a sibling, having them read it to their sister, their brother,  or parents a stuffed animal all those strategies help them develop their fluency,” said Lee Elementary Principal Maggie Ogden.

Storybridge will host 12 giveaway events this year at an average of 2,500 books per campus.  

After that, organizers need volunteer help sorting books and they will need to start replenishing their supply.

They accept gently-used books and financial donations.

For a list of drop-off locations and for ways to volunteer, click here