Spring Allergy Season Outlook


Allergy sufferers could be in for a rough spring based on the warm February we’ve been having.

And in some areas, the pollen count has already spiked beyond a thousand.

So allergy experts say now’s a pretty good time to start thinking about taking your medication to get yourself ahead of the season.

They say if you wait until you’re already sniffling and sneezing it can be harder to get control of your symptoms.

So if you have mild symptoms you have a lot of options.

Allergists say talk to your pharmacist about what kind of over-the-counter treatments might be available for you based on your symptoms.

If you have a runny nose or sneezing an antihistamine like Claritin or Allegra or Zyrtec or a generic can help.

If you’re having nasal allergies you might want to try a nasal steroid spray. Those are also available over the counter and eye drops can help relieve your itchy runny eyes. 

For people with more severe allergies you may want to go talk to your doctor — maybe even see an allergist to see what’s causing your allergies.

Allergy shots can really help you get through the season especially if you’re really sensitive to those tree and grass pollens because they can desensitize you to your triggers.

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