Speed Silks From Amarillo Worn By Kentucky Derby Winner

On the surface, the 142nd Kentucky Derby felt like any other as Nyquist crossed the finish line.
But, for Speed Silks of Amarillo, it meant something more, victory.
The jockey’s of both of the top-two finishers and three of the top-10 horses were wearing their unique silk uniforms.
Matt Darby, Speed Silks founder says, “It’s form fitting, and secondly it’s made out of a patented aerodynamically patented called Aero-Dimplex. It’s made by a company in Switzerland, we have to import it from across the other side of the world.”
Darby designed the suit to enhance less drag on the horse while it’s racing.
Darby says, “Jockeys especially, are obsessed with weight for instance. But it’s not really the weight of the horse that affects how fast it can go, and how long it can maintain speed. It’s actually aerodynamic drag.”
This was the third year their silks have been featured in the derby, but it wasn’t always easy getting approval from others

Darby says, “It’s a very tradition bound industry, people don’t like changing anything. And the way it was done 100 years ago, is the way they’d prefer to do it today. And so when some knucklehead from Texas comes along and says, ‘You’ve been using the wrong silks for the last century, you need to use mine instead,’ you meet a little resistance which is understandable.”
Darby celebrated with friends as he watched two horses wearing his silks finish at the top of the derby, and he plans on doing the same for the second major race, the Preakness.
Darby says, “Probably nothing as put together as we did for the Kentucky Derby. But we’re going to have a few friends over and we’re definitely going to watch the race.”

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