LUBBOCK — Even if you don’t see a speed limit sign on a Lubbock County road, there is still a speed limit, and you can get a ticket.

KLBK drove up and down Woodrow Road in South Lubbock County, and there were only speed limit signs near Lubbock-Cooper High School.

When it comes to the speed limits on roads without signs, County Commissioner Bill McCay said when there is no sign posted, the speed limit is 60 miles per hour on the county roads, and 30 miles per hour on the paved subdivision roads. McCay also said they don’t put speed limit signs up on county roads, and he said the reasoning is because they don’t have the ability to enforce them.  Because Lubbock-Cooper ISD has their own police department, they can enforce the speed limit.

You’ll notice on FM 1585, for instance, in this area, there are speed limit signs. And then you’ll see, fairly often, DPS cars working that road, and so you’ll see signs where there’s enforcement,” McCay said.

“Many of us tend to want to drive faster than we should, so a speed limit sign is there so that we can travel safely,” McCay said. “If there’s not enforcement, then there’s nothing to keep us from driving a safe speed, so we don’t have signs because we don’t have enforcement.”

McCay said you can be pulled over for speeding. “Just because it’s not posted we all go through the Texas Drivers Handbook and get our drivers license and in that driver’s handbook, it speaks to speed limits posted or unposted,” he said.

“DPS will work some of the main county roads from time to time, not as often as they would like, but they do from time to time,” McCay said.