Speech and Hearing Clinic raising awareness of balance disorders


If you have a hard time walking, standing or even working it could have something to do with your ears.

During Better Hearing and Speech Month, the West Texas A&M Speech and Hearing Clinic is ensuring everyone knows how to better take care of themselves.

Part of that includes your balance.    

“Balance is one of those things, the vestibular system controls so much of our balance and there are many disorders that can impact balance but some of them attack the ear,” said Dr. Brenda Cross, an audiologist at the West Texas A&M Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Doctor Cross says something wrong in your ear like an infection or weakness can lead to you being less stable on your feet, leading to more falls.

“Once a balance disorder is found, treatment needs to be put into place to keep them from falling, so where we have fall prevention is also important in May.”

Cross tells us knowing about a balance disorder is very important so if you feel like you can’t focus, are dizzy and fall often, you need to see a doctor.

“It is never the breaking of the hip that really kills an elderly adult, it is the time they are down, the time they aren’t moving, the pneumonia they get in the hospital, so if we can avoid falls, that is what we want to do.”

Doctor cross tells us if someone thinks they have a balance disorder they do need to look for things like their flooring and make sure they don’t have any fall risks in their home.

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