Sleeping In On Weekends Won’t Make Up For Lost Sleep


If you like hitting the snooze button on weekends to catch up on lost sleep — think again!

A new study by the journal “Current Biology” finds those extra hours in bed won’t make much a difference in your body.

The extra sleep can actually end up hurting you in the long run!

Researchers took 36 healthy young adults and split them into three groups.

One group was allowed to sleep for up to nine hours each night and the second could only sleep for five hours.

A third group was allowed five hours of sleep for five days with a weekend recovery period where they could sleep as late as they wanted before returning to five hours for two nights.

The study found those who were sleep deprived snacked more at night and gained weight.

People who slept in on weekends saw mild improvements to their health but eventually slipped back into bad eating habits that negatively affected their metabolism.

To combat sleep deprivation, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends at least seven hours of sleep each night for adults.

Children are expected to sleep even longer.

Results of this sleep study can be found in the journal of “Current Biology.”

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