Six Flags Fiesta Texas Opens Three New Thrill Rides


The new rides at Fiesta Bay Boardwalk are Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ answer to what fans say they want:  thrilling rides that the whole family can experience together.  Somehow, Six Flags manages to create the perfect mix of thrilling coasters and water park attractions year after year.
With more technological updates coming to fan-favorite rides – stay tuned! – this summer should make Six Flags Fiesta Texas the stand-out among Texas theme parks.
American Coaster Enthusiasts’ Tim Baldwin has ridden more  than one thousand coasters, and serves as editor of RollerCoaster! Here he writes about each of the three additions to the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk at Six Flags Fiesta Texas:

Fireball, writes Tim Baldwin, “has great spectator appeal. Not only is the circular structure striking, but watching riders scream through the loop in both directions is hilarious. Even more so, the ride will look spectacular at night with the LEDs going through the colorful patterns; it will be mesmerizing. Plus, don’t forget riders can watch each other face to face while riding, which is sure to create lots of laughs.
“Fireball is a very visual ride. The hot rod motif to the structure gives it an extra layer of fun. It’s creative touches like this that give a ride special character.” With its unique seating pattern, Fireball delivers an unanticipated weightless swirling action as guests encounter a suspended upside down roll, 72 feet in the air, and a face-off seat set up of 24 riders facing one another, gliding forward and backward through a frenzied series of loops.

“Hurricane Force 5 is really going to surprise people,” says Baldwin.  “The outward-facing seating adds a bigger thrill when you soar up and beyond the track’s edge. Rotating beyond the track’s end is the coolest moment on the ride. 
“The first to debut in the Lone Star State and the mega-sized version at that – families are going to find this a new favorite! It has all the colorful energy of a great Boardwalk style ride.” The giant 24-passenger hurricane-shaped disc rotates both ways, with riders facing outward aboard motorcycle-style saddles. It arcs from side to side on an almost 5-story high half-pipe track – while rotating at 14 revolutions per minute! 

Spinsanity is a modern adaptation of a traditional Tilt-A-Whirl that provide more panoramic, unobstructed views and will be unveiled the same year as the 90th anniversary of the original boardwalk favorite. The third new attraction features twisting, spinning and rolling around through a cycle of classic, thrilling fun.
“No matter what your age, everyone remembers the fun of their childhood rides on a Tilt-a-Whirl,” remarked Baldwin. “I can’t picture a midway ride that has charmed so many generations with the fondness this treasured ride has. This modernized version will make Spinsanity a perfect fit for the updated Boardwalk. It’s a true classic.”

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