(WCMH) — A singer from Texas wowed the judges and earned the second golden buzzer on season 14 of America’s Got Talent.

Joseph Allen performed an original song about chasing his dreams on America’s Got Talent. Before taking the stage, he told host Terry Crews that he has to run out and pick him up if he gets the golden buzzer.

“I feel blessed, this is crazier than I thought,” said Allen, as the audience and judges gave him a standing ovation.

“Dreams come true on this stage, and I think we’re seeing your dream come true,” said Gabrielle Union.

“You got amazing energy, I got to tell you,” said Simon Cowell. “First impressions to me are everything. Watching the reaction you got before you even started was astonishing. That was an amazing audition. I love you.”

“From the moment you walked out, your smile is electric,” said Howie Mandel. “Life is a series of moments. People at home are talking about this moment.”

“You said you want to leave a footprint, well I’m going to give you the footprint that you need to leap,” screamed Mandel, as he got on the table and stomped on the golden buzzer.

Terry Crews then ran out on the stage as the confetti fell to lift Allen in the air, as promised.

Allen is originally from Killeen, Texas and went to school in Phoenix, Arizona. He recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

In a video posted on YouTube last month, he shows his subscribers his current living conditions as he chases his dream.

I just graduated college, I’m dead broke, I don’t have a job, don’t have any money. And I decided to move out here to Los Angeles, California to chase my dreams of being a public figure, being a musician, being an entertainer, being someone who can make an impact in the world,” said Allen

Allen is living in one side of a duplex owned by his aunt. The unit is under construction and lacks finished walls, floors, cooking equipment or refrigerator. 

He says he doesn’t mind where he’s living now, because it’s only one step on the way to fulfilling his dreams.

“No matter how crazy it looks, to that one who cares, it is possible, watch,” said Allen.

Allen is the second golden buzzer recipient of the season, joining Kodi Lee in the live quarterfinals. 

During the audition rounds of America’s Got Talent, the golden buzzer allows each judge and the host to pass one performer directly to the live quarterfinal round without further deliberation.
Judges Simon Cowell, and Julianne Hough, as well as host Terry Crews each, have a golden buzzer remaining.