Shapewear Warning


They can smooth, flatten. Maybe even squeeze you into a smaller size.

What’s not to love?

Dr. Richard Harris says a lot!

He says your muscles are going to relax as you shift your weight to the shapewear, weakening your core.

Dr. Richard Harris says, “People have weak cores and people think of the core as just abdominal muscles but it’s more than that, it’s the transversal muscles, it’s the muscles underneath that help stabilize your spine.”

Therefore, Dr. Harris thinks shapewear could lead to injuring your back.

While Vijay Jotwani – a sports medicine doctor from Houston Methodist – says they might not be capable of that much damage but he agrees the general public is neglecting their core muscles and shapewear is really not making up for a lack of exercise.

Dr. Vijay Jotwani says, “The more we get people focusing on those muscles as part of their routine, the less they have to come in and see us.”

Which means focusing on the abs and back muscles.

Not just sporting a workout corset which Dr. Harris thinks could be worse than shapewear.

Dr. Harris says, “It’s like wearing any type of brace anywhere. The purpose of the brace is to stabilize, well that’s also the purpose of your muscles and your joints and the nerves that realize where you are in space. Any time you offload that to something else, it’s going to take away from what the body does naturally.”

If you still plan on wearing shapewear, some doctors suggest only wearing them for 12 hours at a time and not wearing more than one at a time.

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