An Amarillo man is guilty of the 2014 murder of his ex-wife and is sentenced to life in prison. 

Jeremy David Spielbauer was convicted by a Randall County jury this afternoon.

Spielbauer was charged with capital murder but the jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of murder.

Because Spielbauer was not found guilty of capital murder, he will be eligible for parole.

In this particular case, the jury obviously did not agree with the prosecution that Spielbauer stole his ex-wife’s wallet and phone while committing the murder.

Defense Attorney Joe Marr Wilson actually argued that point in closing arguments, telling the jury that if they did not believe Jeremy robbed Katie at the time of the murder, and they should not find him guilty of capital murder.

Spielbauer very well could have taken those items to cover up the murder rather than trying to rob her.

This case came down to one simple question, “Who pulled the trigger?”

Based on the testimony and evidence presented, it either had to be Jeremy Spielbauer or his wife at the time, Katie Phipps.

We know this because it was Katie’s gun that was proven to be the murder weapon.

That gun was in the Spielbauer household at the time and only three people had access: Jeremy, Katie, or her 12-year old son.

No one disputes that the young boy was not the killer. So that leaves Jeremy or Katie.

The DA presented cell phone data he said proves Katie was not at the scene of the crime the night of the murder, and eventually Jeremy is the only one who admits to being there that night. 

Jeremy claimed he left when Katie caught him and Robin together and assumes Katie killed her.

The DA called several friends and family of Robin’s as part of the punishment phase, some of those witnesses becoming emotional.

Katie Phipps was originally arrested for this murder and spent more than a year in jail.

She was later exonerated.

This is a developing story. Stay with for the latest.