Second Annual Texas Two-Step: Save a Life Campaign

Statewide, medical students are teaching the public about a life-saving technique.
Charee Godwin-Smith, the ER Now Marketing Director says, “750 medical students in 11 different cities across the state of Texas are out here doing this today and tomorrow.” 
The new method used is a simple two-step alternative of the traditional CPR technique.
Step one, call 9-1-1.
Step two, begin chest compressions.
“Most people don’t know that for a chest compression, you have to push pretty hard,” says Godwin-Smith. “You have to use a lot of force. You have to make it two inches into the body. So practice is really where it comes in. Don’t panic, because bone will repair. So, if you break a rib when you’re doing chest compressions, that’s ok because you need the heart beating.”
Students we spoke with believe this method can greatly help both paramedics and doctors chances of saving someone’s life.
Carlos Martinez, a Texas Tech University Health Science Center student says, “If people know CPR, it improves the chances of survival so paramedics can get there and then take them to the hospital where we can resuscitate them and help them out.”
Last year the event was only held at ER Now on Coulter where officials say they taught around 100 people CPR
But with the addition of Westgate Mall this year, they expect that number to increase.
Godwin-Smith says, “Obviously, we want double, triple, quadruple that number. I don’t know, at this point, what we’ve had. But over the two days, I would expect that we fully exceed last year’s hundred people we taught.”

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