AMARILLO  —  The Williamson’s have a familiar story. 
Two kids, raised by a single mom who admits, she used food to help co-parent.
        Julie Williamson, Justin’s mom says “I wanted to make sure everyone else was okay. And as a single parent you want to give them everything for not having another parent in the house, you show your love through food. And you know I didn’t really know I mean you know but you don’t know. And it’s love, but you don’t realize that you’re killing them. You’re loving them to death.” 
After Justin’s parents divorced, his weight began to rise. 
He’s 18 now, and weighs more than six hundred pounds. 

Julie said, “When you see my son you stare it’s like oh my gosh, he’s an alien.” 

Justin is unusual, but only because he has already found his voice. 

The River Road Senior hopes to inspire. 

Justin Williamson, working to lose weight “I think other people will try to achieve their dream by watching me try to achieve mine and it’ll be a big inspiration to them.  And i’m excited to be that inspiration.” 

Justin’s coach, Joe Ostaszewski lost more than a hundred pounds as a Biggest Loser contestant. 
But has found purpose in helping Justin. 

 Joe Ostaszewski, Justin’s coach says, “My goals for Justin are as always that he gets to live the life he was born to live and getting there is going to be the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life.” 

And finding an end to childhood obesity. 

Joe Ostaszewski, Justin’s coach “I think what we have to do is stop pointing fingers as a society and go okay we already know this is an issue, how are we going to fix this? And the only way to fix this is to get these kids to believe in themselves and get them to know that food is power and made for us.” 

The family is starting to find belief in themselves. 

Justin’s sister, Jordan, has already lost more than 20 pounds, and she’s finding her passion. 
Jordan Williamson, Justin’s sister “i think it’s motivating people I work with too when I quit drinking cokes and drinking water and they want tot drink water with me and it’s cool to motivate others too going through this. 

They all hope to inspire others. 
As they continue to find what lies within–a life worth living.