AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — You may have seen the hashtag #SaveTheChildren trending on social media. More and more people are taking an interest after a minor trafficking rally in Hutchinson County.

Save The Children rallies are part of a movement to help end the trafficking of minors, something that Family Support Services says often goes unnoticed.

“Within three weeks, we had 18,000 members. So then I post on that group, ‘everyone make a group for your area. If we get groups going all over the place we can start an actual movement with this,’ and it happened,” Sheri Luna Meyer a ‘Save The Children,’ founding member said.

Family Support Services said they do not have an exact number of adult or minor trafficking victims because it often goes unreported. They said trafficking happens right under our noses what we think it looks like, is not what it is.

“Human trafficking is not kidnapping. Human trafficking and pedophilia is not the same things always because there’s adult victims. So for it to be human trafficking there has to be an element of force, fraud, or cohesion, and sometimes those things are really hard to prove,” Ashley Jourdan, 806 Acts Outreach coordinator, explained.

A lot of times trafficking involving kids happens with a job offer that isn’t true or even a threat to harm their family.

Many victims are scared to come forward, so if you are looking to help here are some red flags you can look out for concerning minor and adult human trafficking.

If a younger person is with a group of adults, or if you see a relationship that looks controlling, or you feel something isn’t sitting right the best thing to do is contact the police and the Human Trafficking Hotline.

Family Support Services said it is very important to discuss online predators and if you want to attend the next rally there will be one coming up Aug. 22 at Memorial Park.