Sauna session as exhausting as moderate exercise


Taking a sauna may have similar cardiovascular benefits to a short, moderate workout.

Researchers at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg along with the Medical Center Berlin studied 19 volunteers.

For the first part of the study, all participants took a 25-minute sauna, while having their blood pressure and heart rates monitored.

During the second part, researchers had participants complete a short exercise program on stationary bikes, while also having their blood pressure and heart rates monitored.

Researchers found that during the sauna session, both blood pressure and heart rates in the participants quickly rose and directly after, they found both dropped below the participant’s original baseline levels, measured before the experiment.

After studying the heart rates and blood pressure of the participants exercising, researchers saw they reached the same levels during exercise that they did during a sauna visit.

Proving to them that a sauna session is a kind of burden on the body, just like moderate exercise, and that the sauna’s long-term, positive effects are similar to sports activities.

The study was published in the International Journal Complementary Therapies In Medicine.

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