Amarillo Endodontics along with the American Association of Endodontists are helping to celebrate the 10th annual Root Canal Awareness Week, with this year’s theme being “Root Canals Aren’t What They Used to Be”.  
The goal is to encourage the public to not let fear of the procedure stand in the way of saving their natural teeth. Because the reality is the root canal treatment actually relieves the pain, returning the tooth to full function and restores the patient’s oral health.
What is a Root Canal Anyway?
The most common culprit is decay. Remember that decay is caused basically from bacteria that feed off of the food and sugars that are not effectively removed from the tooth’s surfaces by proper brushing; the bacteria produce acids that breakdown the harder enamel, and softer dentin.  If not treated soon enough, then the decay works its way into the center of the tooth where the pulp lives leading to infection, abscess and pain.  
To save the tooth and get rid of the infection and pain, the root canal procedure uses small instruments that clean, shape and disinfect the root canal space within the roots of the tooth, they are then sealed with a biocompatible filling material.  
Afterwards, the patient’s general dentist will frequently place a crown to protect the tooth from cracking during function.  And the best part – it’s all performed painlessly, and quite frequently in less than an hour.
Why see an Endodontist?
-When properly performed, the procedure can take less than an hour and can be completely painless.
-Endodontists at Amarillo Endodontics are dental specialists with 2-3 years of residency training after dental school in diagnosing and treating dental pain.  They are specialists in saving teeth with root canal therapy will ensure that your care is safe, comfortable and efficient.
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