Rio 2016: the Technology Behind Olympic Training


Staff at the Olympic Training Center is all about American Olympians getting an upper-hand in competition. For this very reason, the athletes have access to some of the latest technology that’s not available on any market.

Take the sport of boxing, for example. The senior sports technologist, Mounir Zok, tells us during training, boxers tape smart censors around their gloves as a way to get better results.

“We will gain, automatically, information about the number of punches and power of punches,” Zok said.

With this technology, the boxers can compare their day-to-day work.

Just down the hall is a room unlike any other.

One of the benefits to training in Colorado Springs is that athletes have the opportunity to practice at an elevation just above a mile high. We know from scientific results that this kind of training helps competitors naturally develop a higher red blood cell count. This means more oxygen being carried through an athlete’s bloodstream.

However, they’ll be competing in an elevation 6,000 feet below that. That’s why some of the athletes will practice in the high altitude training center, a place that can simulate the elevation and climate of Rio de Janeiro.

A much smaller piece of technology, but just as beneficial, is a patch. It can measure an athlete’s sweat rate and sweat composition. This means the different levels of sodium, potassium and electrolytes.

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