Local legislators are weighing in on the passing of the late President George H. W. Bush. 

U.S. Representative Mac Thornberry said he had a brief yet impactful relationship with President Bush. 

“I did get to shake his hand a couple times when he was vice president,” said Rep. Thornberry. “He was an incredibly good and decent man. I think that’s the dominant thing about George H.W. Bush. He just was a good person.”

Rep. Thornberry also said 41’s background as the CIA director, vice president for eight years, and an ambassador to China made him more than qualified to hold the highest office in the land. 

“The number one thing is the way he managed the collapse of the Soviet Union. That was such a dangerous time and President Bush managed that whole thing so carefully, and I think we have over time underestimated what a difficult, challenging time that was that could have gone really bad,” Rep. Thornberry said.

The congressman said he met President Bush only twice, but both times he took away great memories of a highly respected and humble president. 

“He was kind and attentive to everyone he met you know,  even a twenty-year-old staffer,” said Rep. Thornberry.

He said President Bush will be missed for the way he treated everyone with respect, something which is rare in today’s political climate. 

Rep. Thornberry said he will be attending the memorial service tomorrow at the national cathedral.