Reevaluating Prices for West Texas A&M Proposed Stadium and Kimbrough Memorial Stadium


Reevaluating costs for the stadiums. 

That’s what West Texas A&M University and Canyon ISD officials are working together to do.

The proposed on campus WT stadium is set to open Fall 2018.

But officials say they still want to find out if it would cheaper to renovate Kimbrough Stadium or continue with plans for a new one at WT.
Back in November the student body and the A&M board approved the building of a multi-million dollar stadium.
But that cost versus renovating Kimbrough Memorial Stadium is currently still being re-evaluated. 
“On the renovation of Kimbrough estimates. There was a wide gap in numbers depending on the type of renovations it would be done,” said Michael McBroom, WT Athletic Director 
It’s  been a few weeks since WT’s new president,  Walter Wendler took over. 
And we’re told he along with CISD officials want to get updated costs for both Kimbrough and the proposed on-campus stadium.
So they hired a third party company to provide them with updated amounts.
“The studies that we did on Kimbrough are now probably six and eight years old and the study that Canyon ISD did now is probably three or four years old and so Doctor Wendler wanted to make sure the numbers we’re looking at are present day numbers and just to have another set of eyes,” said McBroom
We’re told the possibility of Kimbrough remaining WT’s stadium could happen but as McBroom tells us, it’s highly unlikely . 
“Kimbrough is in very poor shape right now. It does not meet modern code for Americans with disabilities it doesn’t meet any modern construction code it doesn’t meet modern requirements for NCA football. So a lot of work would have to be done,” said McBroom.
McBroom tells us, the company that’s currently assessing the costs for both stadiums will have the results in two to three weeks, a month at the latest 
Canyon ISD released a statement on the matter this afternoon saying in part…
“Canyon ISD supports the idea of WT reevaluating the cost to update Kimbrough Stadium.  Canyon ISD has always valued our partnership with WT And we look forward to continuing that relationship.”
McBroom says when the cost assessment was done last for Kimbrough it ranged from $20-51 million. 
But for the on campus stadium that’s in the works, he says the cost would be $30-million.

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