Red Light Traffic Camera Improvements to Begin Feb. 18


The City of Amarillo will see seven new red light camera locations come and three others removed starting on Feb. 18. It is all apart of the Red Light Camera Improvement Project.

The new locations will be at:

  • Taylor Street and 10th Ave. (Westbound)
  • Interstate 40 and Grand Street (Westbound on North Frontage Road)
  • Buchanan Street and 3rd Ave. (Westbound)
  • Interstate 40 and Grand Street (Southbound on North Frontage Road)
  • Pierce Street and Amarillo Blvd. (Southbound)
  • Bell Street and Plains Blvd. (Northbound)
  • Georgia Street and 26th Ave. (Northbound)

Amarillo Transportation Superintendent Michael Padilla said all of these locations have accident rates the city wants to see come down.  “The accident rates in those areas were above a certain criteria that’s actually put out by the state,” Padilla said.  “So based on that criteria and engineering study that was completed to see if there was anything engineering wise that could be done to reduce the rate of those accidents.”

The project also removes red light cameras at the following intersections:

  • Coulter Street and Elmhurst Road (Northbound and Southbound)
  • Pierce Street and 11th Ave. (Southbound)
  • Amarillo Blvd. and Fillmore Street (Westbound)

According to the city, those locations have seen their accident rate drop by more than 85%, so there was no need to keep cameras there.  “Some of the intersections were so low in accidents we decided to remove those,” Padilla told us.  “Then add the new ones that are were probably a place where, new intersections, where red light cameras needed to be.”

In addition, the camera equipment will be updated at the following existing locations.

  • Ross Street and Interstate 40 (South Frontage Road and Northbound)
  • Coulter Street and Interstate 40 (North Frontage Road and Westbound)
  • Tascosa/Gem Lake Road and Amarillo Blvd. (Northbound)
  • N. Pierce Street and Amarillo Blvd. (Westbound)
  • S. Taylor Street and S.E. 10th Ave. (Southbound)

In total, the city will have 12 red light camera locations. According to city officials, the cameras will start operating at noon on Feb. 18.

The state of Texas receives half of the funds from red light traffic camera violations.  The city gets the other half of the money, but state law requires it to be used for traffic safety programs.  Padilla said Amarillo is putting that money to good use.  “All the new signal intersections that have been put in, the money has gone towards those,” Padilla said. ” The fire station has received the GPS units for their preemption to go in, and some of the fire emergency signals.”

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