The Reagor-Dykes Auto Group issued a statement Friday afternoon about the agreement reached between the car company and Ford Motor Credit.

The statement was released after a bankruptcy court ruled Reagor Dykes can pay its employees.

The following is a statement from Reagor-Dykes Auto Group:

Reagor-Dykes Auto Group was very pleased that it was able to reach an interim agreement with Ford Motor Credit to allow us to pay our employees and their associated benefits this afternoon.  There is no question that the past seven days have been difficult for the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group family, but we are determined to continue to work with Ford Motor Credit in selling our current inventory and providing the best possible service to our customers. Doors at all of our dealerships will open Monday for business and we look forward to meeting with you and providing the service you have come to expect.  Our employees are the best in the business and our first priority.  Thank you for your continued support.