Randall Raider Cheerleaders to Support Iraan Braves this Friday After Last Week's Fatal Wreck

CANYON - A fatal wreck in Big Spring causes dozens of Texas High Schoolers to come together. 
Last Friday the Iraan bus was involved in a wreck that killed one person and injured several others. 
The car was carrying the high school's cheerleading team and two adults on their way home from a football victory. 
This Friday the team and cheerleaders will be hitting the road yet again to compete but this time they'll have more than just their hometown cheering them on.
They may not go to the same school or even have the same colors as the Iraan Braves but the Randall High Raiders, as well as 50 other cheer squads from all across the area, do have one thing in common: spirit!
"Cheerleading is about uplifting others, uplifting your team and you want to support the other teams, even when you're playing against them. So it's a support system as well," said Alexi Buecker, Randall High Cheerleader-Senior 
It's been close to a week since the Iraan bus crash rocked the small Texas community and even the larger Texas cheer community as well.
"I heard about it through my mom and she just so happened to text me Monday morning and say to send prayers to them because it was a tragedy and especially in a small town like that it hits hard," said Macy Hoyler, Randall High Cheerleader-Sophomore.
The Randall Raider Cheer Sponsor tells us she heard about the wreck this weekend and told her cheerleaders about the incident. 
She tells us she saw on Facebook that they were asking for different cheerleading squads to come and support this Friday. 
"One of the parents of one of the girls actually reached out to me and said she'd really like to take a group of girls if we could. So we asked our principal he said they could leave school early, we would count it as an unexcused absence. So we're taking a car full of girls down there," said Mary Warren, Randall High Cheer Sponsor.
Warren says she wanted the girls to understand how tragic it would be to not only lose their cheerleading sponsor but to potentially lose some of their teammates that have become families.
The game starts at seven in Abilene.
The Iraan Braves will play the Wellington Skyrockets in the Class 2A Division II High School Football State Semifinal. 
Cheerleaders who attend the game are asked to wear red and black bows, Iraan's colors, with their cheerleading uniform or uniform sweats.
The Wellington Superintendent tells us for Friday's game they're collecting donations for scholarships in the name of Liz Pope. 
Pope is Iraan's cheerleading sponsor who died last Friday in the bus wreck.

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