22 Veterans and first responders commit suicide every day. Thursday some people rode their motor-vehicles to raise awareness. 

Save the Veterans 22 Amarillo is dedicated to preventing and raising awareness for first responder and Veteran suicide. 

The 22nd of every month at 2:22 p.m., the group runs from the Texas Panhandle War Memorial on I-27 and Georgia all the way to the Thomas E. Creek V.A. Medical Center. 

They said Veterans and first responders who need help just need one person they can turn to. 

“It is very difficult to ask for help. I myself am a Veteran and I know how that is. Trying to talk to somebody who doesn’t understand. That has never been there and has never seen those things. They don’t know how to talk to you because it is a different world,” said Derik Jobe, Save the Veterans 22 Amarillo Co-Chairman.

Save the Veterans 22 Amarillo said anyone in the community is welcome to attend.