Radio “Hams” Show Emergency Capabilities

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The “hams” of amateur radio find themselves to be a valuable source in our area, especially in situations like tornadoes, fires, storms, icy conditions, and even when the occasional fiber optic cables are cut.

Our “hams” joined thousands of other amateur radio operators in showing their emergency capabilities today and will continue the event tomorrow.

 “We do a lot of things, like last night the storms were out there and we had people out following those storms and reporting to the weather service,” said Raymond Winter, the Captain of the Panhandle Amateur Radio Club, ” and this event is practice for a major disaster, where communications fail, maybe cell phone systems drop out.”

Winter said the “hams” provide backup communications for everything from the American Red Cross to FEMA, and even for the International Space Station. 

Because ham radios are not dependent on the Internet, cell towers or other infrastructure, they work when nothing else is available. 

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