Crime and humor usually don’t mix, but for a sergeant with the Pampa Police Department, it is a method being used to try to catch criminals.
Not only is Snapchat helping, but a feature on the social media app is as well. It has a filter option and Sergeant Brian Massey used a particular filter to get their message across.

Here is a look:

Sgt. Massey said since yesterday when the video was posted on their “Top of Texas Crime Stoppers” Facebook page, their page has gained nearly 100-likes.

The video itself has more than 14,000 views, 156 shares, a dozen comments, and close to 60 interactions.

He tells us this is his first time going through the Snapchat filter route to get their “Crime of the Week” out there.

He said that although these “low down, no good, dirty thieves” are still on the loose, they have received other tips over the last 24 hour period on some other crimes since the video was posted, but this won’t be the last time we see videos like you saw earlier.

Sergeant Massey says they plan on doing this as often as they can since so far it’s been a success.

Sgt. Massey says they’re always looking for innovative ways to solve crime, generate tips from the community, and to bring overall awareness to the crime stoppers program. Not just theirs but throughout the state.