Push to ban ‘dwarf tossing’ events


There is growing support for a proposal that would ban ‘dwarf tossing’ and other risky events involving members of the little people community.

On January 31, advocates took part in a public hearing to discuss the proposed ban.

Many at the meeting argued that risky events like ‘dwarf tossing’ used as promotions at certain venues demeans little people, and fosters a culture of bullying and mockery.

Among those who testified at the hearing was 12-year-old Ayden Harris, an Achondroplastic Dwarf. He was there with his custodial grandmother Deana Harris, who is the Puget Sound chapter president for the Little People of America Organization.

The ban, proposed by Spokane Valley Republican Mike Padden would prohibit any physically hazardous activity involving a person with dwarfism in an adult venue or bar.

New York and Florida already have similar bans in place. 

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