Provocative Divorce Billboard Grabs Attention in New York


A billboard advertising divorce services in Albany, New York is raising some eyebrows.

On first glance, it might look like someone is giving the middle finger, or flipping the bird, as they say.

But it’s actually the ring finger.

It’s an ad by “We The People” — with an offer for divorce services for just $499.

A local TV news viewer alerted WTEN about the billboard, saying it was disrespectful and made light of something that tears families apart.

A manager at “we the people” in Albany weighed in and WTEN asked several people who live and work near the billboard for their thoughts — and couldn’t find anyone who was offended.

The “we the people” manager said the provocative billboards started with one near the Saratoga race course during the summer season.

It read — “didn’t pick a winner?”

She said that billboard proved to be effective and they got a lot of positive feedback on it.

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