Saturday night Pastor Todd Barker from Anchor of Hope Baptist Church protested outside the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. He wore a sign that read, “Craft beer is the devil’s craft.”

We’ve seen Pastor Barker and his congregation before protesting outside restaurants and bars in Canyon that sell alcohol. 

Pastor Barker said, “God is against alcohol, the use, the drink, the sale and distribution of alcohol and this is a tax paid facility here and here they are promoting craft beer, which craft beer has become a religion in the United States of late.”

The protest did not seem to hinder the evening’s event. 

Stephanie Price, PPHM Marketing and Communication Director said, “Oh well you know I think that we are here just to have a fun event and to showcase the museum and you know we are following the laws of the City of Canyon and we are just excited to have people come out.” 

Pastor Barker said he will also protest at the craft beer festival in Amarillo in August. “And I am here to let people know God is against the drinking of alcohol.”