Protecting Teen Drivers


(NBC News) The day a teenager gets his or her driver’s license is one of the best days in a teen’s life.

It’s also one of the most worrisome for parents, and for good reason.

The latest statistics on fatal crashes involving teens are frightening.

“Safe Kids Worldwide” reports six teenagers are killed each day in a motor vehicle crash. In almost half of those accidents the victims are not wearing seatbelts.

A new “Safe Kids” survey of nearly 800 teens and their parents finds teenagers would be far more likely to buckle up if mom or dad made it a family rule.

Kids in families with established rules and agreements about safe driving are ten times less likely to speed, text while driving, drink and drive or skip seatbelts.

“It’s not enough to have an informal discussion,” says Safe Kids’ Kate Carr. “You need to have a formal agreement. You have to enforce it, and you have to model good behavior.”

Most surveyed teens said their best driving experiences are when their parents are passengers, suggesting it’s moms and dads who are in the driver’s seat even if it’s not their foot on the accelerator.

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