The prosecution and defense have rested in the capital murder trial of Jeremy Spielbauer.

After the defense got the case Wednesday, they called all their witnesses in the afternoon.

It is obvious the defense is steering the jury toward Katie Phipps as the killer.

Defense Attorney Joe Marr Wilson called several witnesses who described a tumultuous relationship between Katie Phipps and the victim, Robin Spielbauer.
At least two witnesses described how Phipps told them the cars in the news stories about Robin’s death were not in the proper position.

One witness testified that Robin was afraid Katie was going to kill her.

The defense recalled the lead investigator who originally arrested Phipps for the crime.

Sgt. Allen Mongold described Katie’s son as confused when giving conflicting information about the night of the murder.

D.A. James Farren said it is no surprise they are trying to put the focus on Katie rather than Jeremy.

“It’s a decent case until you add the cell phone wifi tracking data.  It just blows up.  It just couldn’t have happened.  She was not there,” said Farren.

“Katie’s assertions that in a sense our client sort of confessed to this crime immediately after it happened, but didn’t bother to tell anybody until she had been in jail for more than a year, tells us more about Katie Spielbauer than the text messages even,” said Wilson.

Farren says the defense is where they were three years ago in the investigation when they first accused Katie.  But, they eventually discovered through cell phone data that she wasn’t at 34th and Helium where Robin’s body was found.

The defense is expected to wrap-up Thursday morning with the jury getting the case afterward.

A verdict could come as soon as Thursday afternoon.

If convicted, Jeremy Spielbauer faces up to life in prison without parole.