Properly Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

The presents have been opened and the Christmas cookies have been eaten, all signs that the holiday season is coming to an end.

And with the end of Christmas comes the end to our Christmas trees. 

Captain Larry Davis with the Amarillo Fire Department said the longer you leave the tree up, the more your home becomes a risk for a fire. 

As long as your tree has been cut down it has been drying up. While you may have a bucket of water under your tree, it could not be helping. 

"Even though you keep it watered you know at some point the tree's ability to take that water in decreases every day. These trees just dry out and the longer you keep them, the more dangerous they become as far as flammability," Captain Larry Davis with the Amarillo Fire Department said. 

There are multiple things that can cause your tree to set on fire. 

"It can be the lights that catch it on fire, a lot of times you know, the newer lights especially if they're using LED lights, that's not really an issue. An issue that we tend to see quite a bit is a portable heating device too close to the tree. Like a portable furnace or something like that. Or they got their tree too close to the fireplace," Captain Davis explained. 

Aside from your tree, Captain Davis said you need to dispose of your wrapping paper, boxes, bows, and other Christmas trash. 

Thankfully here in the city, Captain Davis explained the fire department has not seen any Christmas tree fires in a while, but throughout the nation, there are around 200 house fires caused by Christmas trees. 

To dispose of your Christmas tree properly, you have two option in Amarillo. 

You can haul the tree off to the Landfill Compost Facility at 16250 Bezner Drive, or call the Solid Waste Department at 378-6813 for Curbside Service, and place your tree at your curbside for pickup.

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