Progress is being made on turning the Barfield Building into Amarillo’s first luxury hotel.

The historical Barfield building has been vacant for nearly 30 years.

“You know I want to be the local hub for all of the area residents definitely focused on guests coming into the area but also becoming a part of the community,” Jeff Kramer, General Manager at Barfield, explained.

The building is now being given a new life from one of Amarillo’s first skyscrapers to the first hotel in town of its kind.

“We have the speakeasy which is our secret bar and throughout the lobby, we’re going to have an amazing Italian restaurant and steakhouse and a bourbon bar,” Kramer said.

According to Center City, this is not just a development project but, also a historical project. It was built right before the depression era and is now considered a historical building. 

“The Barfield building is using federal historical tax credits and also state historical tax credits,” Beth Duke, Center City of Amarillo executive director, stated. 

New owners said they hope to preserve what they can from the original building. For Kramer, it is a new beginning.

“This building is such an important part of Amarillo’s history and for it to be vacant for as many years as it has been, and to launch it back to its full glory of the 1920s, is really the focus of the project,” Kramer stated.

For a building to be considered a  historical building it needs to be at least 50 years old.