(Nexstar) – President Trump says the federal government is ‘very very prepared’ for the response to areas affected by Hurricane Michael.

“We’re very very prepared with massive amounts of food and water that gets brought in immediately as it’s leaving. I mean, literally, we follow it right in, and the electrical folks, and you know the different electrical companies,” said President Trump.

Pres. Trump said officials are most worried about the storm winds.

The Director of FEMA expressed concern Wednesday that too many people in the path of the storm did not evacuate. Pres. Trump noted many in those areas ‘are very poor,’ which would make it difficult to leave.

The President had a message for all of those still in the path of Michael.

“God bless you all. That’s my message. Because that’s what it is. The storm is there. I mean that storm is there. It’s sort of too late to do anything about it now from the standpoint of moving,” said Pres. Trump.