Potter, Randall Counties Have a Combined 177 Non-US Citizens Registered to Vote


Texas Secretary of State David Whitley issued an advisory to county voter registrars last week that around 95,000 non-US citizens are registered to vote in Texas.  

Potter County says is has 112 non-citizens registered, and Randall County received a list of 65 names.  

“As we really started thinking about it, we realized the magnitude of it.”  Potter County Elections Administrator Melynn Huntley said.

Everybody on the list is in the United States legally through a green card or work Visa.  The state just had their voter registration information because they at one point applied for a drivers license, but that could have been as long as 20 years ago.  

“There’s several things that go in there to compile that match, Huntley told KAMR Local 4 News.  “So it may be the person matches, that’s not really what’s in question, what might be in question is have they gotten their citizenship.”

That’s why these are called weak matches.  In most cases, the counties don’t have all of the information, so both Potter and Randall Counties are being very careful with how they move forward.  

“We are simply sitting on this list at this time.  I feel like there needs to be more information coming down from the different state agencies,” Randall County Elections Administrator Shannon Lackey said.  “So we can proceed with caution.”

If a county finds a person is registered to vote and a non-US citizen, they will receive a notice of examination.  After that, they have a 30-day window to prove they are a citizen and keep their right to vote.  To do that they must provide a birth certificate, US passport, or naturalization papers.

Voting in an election knowing you’re not eligible is a second-degree felony in the state of Texas.

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