Potter County Commissioners decided on Monday to sub-lease Memorial Stadium to San Jacinto Christian Academy.

Last month, county officials were close to an agreement that would sub-lease the stadium to Pecos League, but Pecos League officials say they weren’t even on the agenda for the meeting Monday.

Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner said the Southern Independent Baseball League (SIB) had three options in handling Potter County Memorial Stadium: allow a sub-lease to both Pecos League and San Jacinto, terminate the contract, or only sub-lease to San Jacinto.

Tanner said that organizations in the past have not held up their end of the bargain in taking care of the stadium, so that’s why Potter County decided to go with San Jacinto.

“i think that it’s because we’ve had such bad luck before in the past,” Tanner says, “The past ten, fifteen years. we just, we can’t get a team in there that follows up and says ‘yeah, we’re gonna make this improvement.'”

Tanner said San Jacinto will provide $25,000 for improvements to the field and part of the stadium.

The SIB will complete their contract with the stadium in September 2017. Baseball season for San Jacinto starts next January and lasts through May.