Pizza Delivery Driver’s Special 225 Mile Delivery


Talk about going the extra mile and in this case, extra miles.

A pizza delivery worker drives more than 200-miles to help bring a special meal.

David Dalke says, “So I think it’s really symbolic of what the world should be like.”

We often forget that time is life`s most precious gift.


But for the Morgan family, the time has never been more important.

David Dalke says, “This is a good time for people to really put their arms around each other and squeeze them tightly.”

David Dalke`s son in law Rich Morgan has been in a tough battle with cancer but he and his wife Julie never forgot their favorite pizza place in Battle Creek Michigan, where they lived more than two decades ago

David Dalke says, “She talked about it through the years, she’d say ‘No one makes pizza like Steve’s pizza.'”

Last month, the couple planned a long overdue trip back to their favorite pizza spot, but instead, Rich`s cancer kept him home, now in hospice care.

David Dalke says, “So they never made it… they never made it to Battle Creek.”

So Dave thought what the heck, might as well give Steve`s pizza a call. So he did, and Dalton Shaffer picked up on the other line.

Dalton Shaffer says, “He was asking me if I could send a letter or a text message to his daughter kinda like giving her our condolences for the situation and everything going on.”

But, working the late shift on a Saturday night, the 18-year-old had a different idea.

He offered to deliver the family two fresh pizzas.

David Dalke says, “I said Dalton… uh… I want to make sure you understand, I’m calling you from Indianapolis Indiana! That’s 3 and a half hours away, 225 miles. He said ‘well I know that.”

So at 2:30 in the morning, Shaffer pulled into the family`s Indianapolis driveway with two pizzas in hand. Not hoping for payment just to show he cared.

David Dalke says, “Elizabeth says ‘Mom you like pizza, don’t you?’ She says she loves pizza. So what’s your favorite?’ She says, ‘Well you know, Steve’s pizza.’ ‘Mom… we have some Steve`s pizza,’ (crying)… it was just heavy it was just heavy…Julie said ‘You’ve got to be kidding.'”

“She was overpowered with it.”

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