Phone Faux Pas: Kids Get Escort’s Number


(KVLY) Picture this: you just bought your young kids their first cell phone–only to find out the number previously belonged to a prostitute.

Julie Zimny of West Fargo, North Dakota has three kids, all under the age of 12. She recently added a new cell phone to her plan for her kids to use in the house–but soon found the number wasn’t a new one.

“Initially we got a couple text messages coming through,” Zimny said. “I assumed maybe it was an ex-boyfriend looking to hook up, that sort of thing, so I kind of ignored it.”

Then she realized this wasn’t some ex-boyfriend from the previous number holder.

“There was a person saying, you know, ‘I’m a 30-year-old male in West Fargo, I live alone in my home, I’m looking to get together, this is my first time. I want to be dominated,'” Zimny said. “And he was really persistent, like I think there were maybe 10, 15 messages where he just kept asking and asking, ‘this ad looks too good to be true.'”

Zimny says at least 20 separate numbers have since texted the phone.

Typically she wouldn’t reply to the messages–but she did once, to find out where on earth the calls were coming from.

“He actually went off on me, saying like, ‘Why would you have a child’s phone number listed on an adult website?'” Zimny said. “I was like, ‘Obviously I did not list my child’s number on an adult website.’…I said, ‘Well would you mind telling me where you found the site?’ And he sent me the link, and then was like, ‘You know, I’m so sorry, I’ll never contact you again,’ sort of thing.”

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